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Are you on the verge of saving some money while purchasing prescription medications? If so, then you better not rely on offline pharmacies as they can prove to be tough. The logical reason behind this is that a lot of such pharmacies do not really help you in saving some pennies. Now I can sense what is going through your mind this moment.

Can I procure generics alone?

You need to understand that how much ever conventional means you try of spending less for your meds, you still would not be able to save enough. I think you are looking for real savings and not just some fading discounts. For this, you need to explore other alternatives where you can get huge offers and can also save enough. Among the many available, Assured Pharmacy is one of them. I took the opportunity to look over different aspects of their business so as to ascertain how good they perform.

How about their medications on the whole

You can have some relief when you come to know that the medications that come to you are from a trusted place. The medications that come from Assured Pharmacies are of supreme quality and are also safe to use. This is not the only stuff you should know that all of them are being sourced from UK.

How about choosing the generics?

Just because you happen to pick generics, their quality doesn’t become any lesser. The level of quality and the safety associated are truly certain and remains the same. They are being manufactured majorly through Actavis in the UK on their site name Devon.

Are the healthcare professionals in this source well qualified?

You should know that the policy and the doctor’s performance at the Assured Pharmacy are being governed by the General Medical Council and every pharmacist is being regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council. You can have a look at this on their site where all the pharmacy registration has been published.

How about the prices? Are there any real savings?

The prices are not very cheap and are competitive as everywhere. This is a good thing as you now get the real savings and not for dirt cheap prices where you raise your brow and wonder why is the price so low. You also begin to feel that you smell something fishy. They also at times offer a price guarantee policy wherein if you find a price at some place that is lower than what they offer, they would be happy to refund you the difference in price.

What about their customer service and medications delivery service?

You can get in touch with the customer service desk through email or by phone whenever there emerges a need. Assured Pharmacy also has live chatting option, you can check for the timings on their portal. When you order the meds at Assured, you can be sure that you get the meds safe and intact. They also have standard delivery service which is at free of cost where you can save even more.

Our rating

When you use Assured pharmacy, you save yourself some time, money and also energy. I also came to know of some sources that were able to offer me the same service with same level of security as they did.


Are you on the verge of saving some money while purchasing prescription medications? If so, then you better not rely on offline pharmacies as they can prove to be tough.