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Are you feeling sleepy all the timeIn today’s world, everyone has a busy schedule, in which they don’t get time to sleep properly. It is said that to be attentive you have to sleep for at least 8 hours. But in today’s world, you have many problems which you have to deal with that requires more attention than sleep. Being it your office work, your personal life, or even your love life. You will have to deal with it. By all this, what I mean to say is that you require more attention for the given work and you feel stressed out and at the end you are unable to sleep. At the end when everything is over i.e.; all your work is finished you feel tired and you feel sleepy but that might not be the right time to sleep. This in turn causes sleeping disorder in your daily routine and you will sleep then and now, whenever you get free time. As a result, you won’t get time to complete the assigned work to you on time or any other work which is important the next time because you might be in half sleep. Are you are also dealing with the same problem? Well if yes, then this can be controlled with a medicine called Provigil.

Provigil- a cure for being attentive

Being attentive is the most important part of life. Whether it may be, giving attention to your office work or your personal work. If there is no attention, then you might do your work in a wrong way. Provigil with a generic name modafinil is a medicine which can help you being attentive while doing any work. This medicine can help in reducing extreme sleepiness which can be caused by narcolepsy or by sleeping disorders. This medicine works by affecting some substances in your brain that controls your sleeping or waking process cycle.

Are there any necessary steps to follow while taking Provigil?

To consume a medicine there are certain steps to be followed like, don’t consume a medicine if you are allergic to it. In the case of Provigil, avoid taking this medicine if you encounter skin rashes while consuming this medicine. It can cause skin reactions which are too severe that may lead you to get hospitalized. Stop this medicine if there is swelling on your legs or swelling in your face, dark urine, and problem in breathing or feeling feverish. Avoid this medicine if you have chest pain, any kidney or liver disease, a heart problem, drug addiction. This medicine can have an impact on your thinking ability so be careful while driving or doing any work which requires your attention. If you have a high blood pressure or any type of mental illness, avoid taking this medicine. Try consulting a doctor if you are pregnant because Provigil can make many birth control pills less effective and also it is not known that if it passes through breast milk to a baby. It is not prescribed to those who are younger than the age of 17.

How to take the medicine in an effective way?

It is highly necessary to take the medicine as prescribed; do not take medicines other than what is prescribed. Never share your medicine with anyone even if he/she has the same symptom. Provigil is taken in the morning time or while performing any work to avoid sleepiness. You can even take the tablet with or without the food. It is generally prescribed for 12 weeks or less than that. Store the medicine at the room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight. Have a note on how many pills you have consumed because this medicine can be a drug of abuse. Consume the medicine fully and on time as prescribed by your doctor. Do not miss any dose. If you miss it, try to take the dose as soon as possible. If it is time for the next dose then consume the scheduled dose. Never overdose the medicine. Missing the doses and then continuing it may not work in the functioning of your health in an effective way.

What are the problems that Provigil cures and what are the doses?

The doses for patients affected with narcolepsy, hypopnea and those who are dealing with shift work sleeping are 200mg in the morning before their work. This medicine is not approved by FDA for those dealing with hyper activeness; use this medicine only if all the treatment fails. If you are below 30kg you can consume the medicine 340mg once in a day and for those who are over 30kg can consume 425mg once in a day.

Where you can buy Provigil easily?

The best way to buy the Provigil medicine is through online pharmacies. Purchasing the medicine online can be easy and can be ordered at a cheaper price than compared to a pharmacy store. There are many online pharmacies which sells Provigil. You can compare the price on different online pharmacy portals and can place the order in whichever portal you feel it is cheaper. Medicines are sold online at a cheaper price. So it is better to order online. But be sure to check that the site is true and is not a fraud one.