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are you a victim of anxiety attacksXanax bar is another name for Xanax, the anti-anxiety medication. It is a legal drug which can be used for addressing anxiety, panic attacks and in certain cases, depression too. Xanax bar is a small rectangular shaped tablet that can be divided into four parts. It is the strongest Xanax drug in terms of milligrams of chemicals present in it. It comes in two different versions: extended release (yellow in color) and normal tablet (white in color).

Relief from anxiety

The Xanax bars have a half time of three hours. By taking a normal dose of 0.5 mg (1/4th of the bar) three times a day, one would have complete relief from an anxiety disorder. The time taken for the drug to start its action is around one hour. It stays in the system for 5 hours (normal) or 11 hours (extended-release). Thus, the action of the drug will remain in the system for long so that one can get complete relief from anxiety attacks. Based on their condition, one can continue using the drug at a maintenance dose of 1-10mg per day divided into smaller doses (normal tablets) or as a single dose (extended release).

Can anyone use Xanax?

Xanax is a very common anti-anxiety medication which is used by many people. Being a victim of anxiety attack does not mean that one can start taking Xanax. Here is a list of medical conditions in which this drug should be avoided.

  1. Lung or breathing related disorder including but not limited to sleep apnea, COPD, and asthma
  2. Kidney diseases (both minor and major)
  3. Liver disorder
  4. Alcohol abuse or any substance abuse or history of abuse
  5. Glaucoma
  6. Brain related problems including seizure
  7. History of allergic reactions to any anti-anxiety medication
  8. Any type of psychotic medical conditions other than anxiety attacks
  9. HIV positive and undergoing treatment with Protease inhibitors like Indinavir and others
  10. Consuming diabetic medications like Metformin either for diabetes or for other medical conditions like PCOD and others.

This is not an exclusive list. If one has any life threatening medical condition or if one is consuming any life-saving drugs, it is important to communicate with the doctor to learn whether the drug is the right choice.

Possible drug abuse

Xanax abuse is very common among people with anxiety attacks. The abuse can be intentional or accidental. In the case of intentional abuse, due to uncontrollable anxiety attacks, the user may start increasing the dose, without consulting a doctor. Stick to the prescription dose indicated by the doctor. If anxiety is not contained by the drug dose, talk to the doctor immediately.

Accidental overdose of Xanax can lead to habit formation too. In many cases, overdose can lead to other serious problems like severe drowsiness, slow breathing, fainting, reduced reflexes and others. An accidental overdose usually happens when a person tries to take the dose that he missed or has forgotten. If a dose is missed, take it immediately only if there is a minimum of 8 hours gap (normal tablet) or 12 hours gap (extended release) for your next dose. Consuming a whole Xanax bar is highly overdosing. The maximum dose can be 1mg per day split into three or four doses. If overdosed, contact poison control center or get emergency medical help. Hospitalization might be needed in certain cases.

Feeling anxious is a part of being human. Before buying Xanax like any other online prescription drugs, first, determine whether it is an anxiety disorder or just common anxiousness due to some external factor. Contact a physiatrist and learn whether the degree of anxiety is normal or not. If not, there are a lot of non-medical ways to deal with anxiousness starting from exercise to meditation. If those do not work, the doctor would then recommend Xanax or any other anti-anxiety medication based on the needs.