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Antabuse is an enzyme blocker which is used by chronic alcoholics to avoid using alcohol. This drug causes an unpleasant reaction with alcohol and in turn enable alcoholics to avoid or reduce their alcohol consumption.

How to get Antabuse?

Talk to doctor about your alcohol problem before buying antabuse. Upon obtaining confirmation your doctor regarding its usage, get antabuse online for the first level of treatment itself. You cannot and should not buy this drug for alcoholics and add it to his/her drinks or food without prior permission. You should not buy this drug for someone who is less than 18 years. This drug should not be used by pregnant women, lactating mothers and people with medical condition related to liver, kidney, thyroid, brain, mental illness and blood sugar.

Antabuse without prescription

Buying Antabuse without prescription is a very big mistake. It is a complex drug. Never consume the medication along with any other liquid items. This includes mouth wash, vinegar, antiseptic products and others.  Consuming alcohol with Antabuse can cause sweating, neck pain, chest pain, weakness, light headedness, severe vomiting, nausea, weight gain, heightened thirst, spinning sensation and blurred vision. Not just consuming alcohol; coming in contact with thinner, paint, fertilizer and other alcohol related items can also induce these effects.

Consuming disulfiram and alcohol while using this drug can cause fatal results. Thus, doctor’s consent is very essential.

Antabuse online pharmacy

Antabuse is readily available in online pharmacies. Since it is not a controlled drug, you can buy it without prescription from certain pharmacies. However, risk of using it without consent of a medical professional is not be ruled out. Do not share this drug with anyone and do not recommend or buy this drug for any alcoholic friend. Antabuse is not the right medicine for everyone.

Last but not least, you should always choose a reliable and reputed online pharmacy to buy antabuse online. Moreover, beware of fake manufacturers in market.