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Americans access online pharmaciesPrescription medications are very much expensive these days especially in the United States. This is the reason why the Americans access the online pharmacy to get their medications. In a study, we found that the cost of the prescription medications have gone very high up to seventy five percent and this is just from 2007 to 2014.

This is the time that generic medications have come in place to help the Americans. But getting the pills through an internet based pharmacy is also under attack because the pharmaceutical companies are scared whether they would lose their market in the United States.

Generic drugs over Brand medications

A person who is living in the United States can go about getting generic pills online at an affordable rate. With the money that they would be able to buy a supply of one month brand medication, it is possible to procure the pills for a year.

Each pill of a brand drug would be very much expensive and in most of the cases, the patient would be instructed to take more than one tablet in a day. Here, the medical expense just doubles.

How people are affected by expensive medications in US?

Due to the high price of drugs, nearly 50 million Americans skipped filling their prescription in the year 2012. When the medical ailment is not treated at the right time, it just gets worsened creating issues to the person.

It is sad that people just go about not taking the drugs for their condition just because they are not able to afford it. Some of them just go about suddenly halting the treatment due to the lack of money.

It is sad that the drug manufacturing companies are not addressing these issues created by them.

Americans find online pharmacy to be a better solution for the rise in drug rates

When they find the rate of prescription drugs to be very high they just go about opting for an online pharmacy. There are also some risks associated with this. There are many illegitimate sites and most of them get trapped in it.

Patients are not aware on how to select a site and what they concentrate is on getting online pharmacy drugs so that they can go about commencing their treatment. But, to be frank legitimate mail order pharmacies are a better solution to people who are in need of prescription medications.

US residents should be provided with a way to get their needed pills online without getting caught in to rogue sites.  In a survey, we have found that most of the Americans prefer Canada which is their neighboring country to get their medications.

However, strict rules are followed in the US not to procure medications from other countries making it difficult for many people to get treated. It is time to make a solution either to reduce the price of prescription medications or frame the rules in order to help people in America to procure drugs from online pharmacies which belongs to other country.