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Adipex-P is a drug which suppresses appetite and helps in reducing weight. This medicine is used by people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other medical conditions where obesity can increase the risk of their disease. This drug is also used for other medical conditions.

Buy Adipex-P online

Adipex-P can be easily bought from online sites by anyone who knows the basics of operating a computer. This does not mean that the medicine is for everyone. Adipex-P should not be consumed by pregnant women and lactating mothers. This is not just limited to Adipex-P as most diet pills are not advisable for pregnant women and lactating mothers. People with problems in heart, kidney, liver, brain, pancreas, thyroid, mental health or any other life threatening medical condition should not consume this drug without doctor’s approval. You should not consume this drug if you are already consuming other variants of diet pill.

Adipex-P without prescription

The usual advice would be not to take it without prescription, if you have any medical condition. However, it is very essential to talk to your doctor about all drugs that you consume. Adipex-P interacts with a lot of diet medications like fenfluramine, dexfenfluramine and others and can cause fatal lung related disorders like pulmonary hypertension. Thus, do not take Adipex-P lightly. This drug should not be given to a child less than 16 years of age. The drug should be taken only for the time limit mentioned in the prescription.

How to get Adipex-P?

Getting Adipex-P has become easier with many pharmacies in the city and numerous online pharmacies selling it. But, how you use it makes all the difference. Do not consume it if you have less than 6 hours for your bed time. Do not consume alcohol with the drug. The common adult dosage is 18.75 to 37.5 mg per day. However this is the general dosage recommendation and might not be applicable for everyone. Stick to the dose recommended by your doctor. Consuming a higher dose of Adipex or consuming the drug within 8 hours from the previous dosage schedule would cause overdosing which can sometimes be fatal. If overdosed, get emergency medical help.