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Acyclovir is a drug which is used for treating skin conditions related to herpes virus and chicken pox. It reduces growth of the virus and infections caused by cold sores, shingles and chicken pox. A health care professional can also prescribe this pill for other medical conditions.

How to get Acyclovir?

Acyclovir is found in a lot of online sites as well as offline pharmacies and hence it is easy to buy this drug. The dose however, should be taken for the whole course. Discontinuing the usage of the drug in the middle would make the virus resistant to the drug. You should always keep backup stock of the drug so as to not run out of the medicine during the recommended course. It is easier to manage your purchases if you use online sites for purchasing acyclovir. This drug should be consumed immediately after the initial symptoms are noticed. These symptoms include blisters, burning sensation and tingling.

Acyclovir without prescription

It is easier to get Acyclovir without prescription in many online sites. If you are allergic to milk protein, use buccal tablets along with Acyclovir. Do not use the drug without prescription if you have kidney disease or immunity problem. It is not known whether it would harm a fetus or not. But, a pregnant woman may suffer from genital herpes during childbirth. Thus, it is doctor’s call whether you should take the drug or not while you are pregnant.  Extra precautions must be taken while giving this medicine to a small child as it can cause the child to choke.

Acyclovir online pharmacy

Medicine information given in the online pharmacies should be read thoroughly before buying the medicine. Important points that need to be followed whilst using this pill are:

  1. Drink plenty of water while using the medicine
  2. Do not let the infected area come in contact with any other body part.
  3. Acyclovir does not cure chicken pox or herpes
  4. Common side effects are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headache and mouth pain. Serious side effects are problems related to urination, shortness of breath, swelling in ankle, tendency to bleed easily and purple spot under skin.

If you experience any serious side effects, stop using your medicine and contact a medical professional immediately. Swelling in face can be a symptom of allergic reaction. Even in such cases, discontinue using the pill and get immediate medical help.