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5 cheap medications onlineThere are various medicines which are available online at a much cheaper rate. In the past few years, many online medication stores have developed, which provide medicines at a much cheaper rate than those which are available in the stores. Probably all the types of medicines are available in a pharmacy online and they also provide the advantage of delivering medicines at the provided address. You can avail several discount offers which are generally provided in online stores. The availability of discount coupons helps to lower the price of the medicine and they are thus provided at a much cheaper rate than those available in the local stores.

Thus, in order to save our money, we need to keep a constant check and should also compare the prices before buying medication online. Medicines such as Viagra, Tramadol, Phentermine, Cialis and Levitra have a higher cost price but if you order online, you can get the medicines at your doorstep and can also save some money.


Viagra is a very popular medication prescribed by the doctors to treat erectile dysfunction in people. This medicine has a higher price because of its important medicinal properties. In several online stores, the price of the medicine is around $4.44 while in the local stores, the price varies a lot. Offline purchase of Viagra from the retail stores costs $10.


Tramadol is another useful medicine which is taken as a painkiller and is used to treat severe pains. Though it shows its action faster, it also has severe side effects. As it gives relief from pain within a short period of time, it is often prescribed by the doctors. In the local stores, it costs about $20 per 100 mg whereas in the convenient online stores, the cost of the same product is $0.7 only, which is significantly less.


Phentermine is generally taken by people to get rid of obesity. It is a licensed medical drug and has no harmful side effects. Due to its excellent properties, the manufacturers and dealers charge a higher price such as $5 in the retail shops where as it can be purchased online at about $1.99, which shows a huge difference in price.


Cialis, like Viagra is also used to treat erectile dysfunction and prostatic hypertrophy. As these diseases are very common nowadays, the medications are also very much in demand which is another reason of its high price. In the online stores, Cialis is available at $1.33 while on purchasing it offline, from the retail shops, may cost you $3 for the same medication.


The uses of Levitra are almost the same as that of the Cialis and Viagra and it is also used for the same purpose. But Levitra has dangerous side effects in comparison to Viagra and Cialis. It is being preferred by the doctors worldwide, due to its excellent properties. While in the online stores Levitra is charged only $1.03, in the local shops the same medicine is charged $2.55.